Staging Your Home

Home Staging: Generic or Universally Appealing?

Many folks think home staging simply means turning a beautiful home into a bland, boring house for sale.

We are here to set the record straight: That’s not true at all!

While there is some benefit to making your home more ‘generic’ than personalized, that’s not the most important factor in home staging.

The Biggest Secret in Home Staging

Your home needs to appeal to all the prospective buyers who come in for a tour.

Imagine what would happen if each potential buyer who walked through your house fell in love with it and felt right at home. As they go from room to room, they can picture themselves living there: cooking dinner together in the warm and inviting kitchen, having movie nights in the spacious family room, entertaining friends and family in the cozy, elegant dining room.

They’d be rushing to make offers. You’d have more offers than you knew what to do with, and you might even be fortunate enough to kick off a bidding war.

“Great,” you’re thinking. “But how do we fire up a bidding war just through home staging?” Read on, friend – we’re about to dish on what makes a home universally appealing.

How to Ignite a Bidding War Through Home Staging

Here are a few secrets – tricks of the trade, if you will – that can do exactly that. They involve:

  • Getting rid of distracting items
  • Creating more space
  • Selling comfort and livability

Getting Rid of Distracting Items

Remove items that can be distracting to potential buyers as they are viewing the home. The most obvious are tchotchkes and collectibles, like quirky figurines and shot glass collections. However, other things that distract buyers are large pieces artwork and wall decor that appeal to specific demographics.

These could include family portraits, religious décor or anything else that is very style- or taste-specific.(Check out some great examples of universally appealing staging in Next Level Staged’s Portfolio.)

Any experienced Realtor® will tell you that the last thing you want is to distract buyers from the home’s features. You need prospective buyers to envision themselves living there!

Remember this: You’re moving soon, so why not start packing now?

Creating More Space

Create more space in your home by removing unnecessary or bulky pieces of furniture. You are selling SPACE!

The more free space you can showcase, the better.

One of the biggest factors people consider when buying a home is square footage. Whether your home has plenty of square footage or it’s a bit on the cozy side, buyers can’t see past your furniture to admire how much room the home actually does have.

We’re looking at you, extra end tables, night stands, desks, dressers, bureaus, chairs, benches and shelves.

If you have some of these items hanging around and you can live without them for a little while, consider moving them out. Store them in the garage (or preferably, in someone else’s garage) while your home is being shown. They may be eating into valuable free space that could instead help you sell your home faster and for more money.

Selling Comfort and Livability

Your Realtor will tell you that people want to buy homes that are easy to live in. A house is a house, right? You walk in, put down your mail and relax.

But unless prospective buyers can envision themselves doing exactly that, you’re fighting an uphill battle. Here’s how:

  • Create clear paths in every room for foot traffic so it’s easy for the new owners to navigate from room to room (and within each room).
  • Clean every room from top to bottom so your whole house looks easy to maintain, even when the new owners are exceptionally busy.
  • Perform routine maintenance and tackle everything that needs to be fixed so it’s easy for the new owners to move in and start enjoying the home.

You’re also selling livability. You want to show that living in the home is everything prospective buyers want: It’s a great place to entertain, relax and spend quality time with family and friends. Here’s how:

  • Arrange furniture into conversational groups so the new owners can picture themselves entertaining there.
  • Turn bathrooms and bedrooms into beautiful, comfortable havens by adding the right touches: A soft throw on the end of the bed, spa-rolled towels in the lavatories, and fresh-cut flowers or potted plants in peaceful rooms.
  • Give each room a purpose, which can mean taking the treadmill out of the home office and turning the spare bedroom into a kids’ playroom.

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