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We seek transformation in all aspects of our lives; personally, mentally, physically, spiritually and yes even in the places and space we spend the majority of our time.


We enjoy living and working in aesthetically pleasing environments.


The way we choose to live is ultimately an expression of who we are.


However, for those who are design challenged, their space still might not reflect their personality, passions and style.


We get it. You can own interesting pieces with wonderful stories, and still not possess the ability to bring them together in an eye-catching way.

Why Spend Money Staging Your Home?

Of Staged Homes Sell Faster Than Vacant Homes And On Average For 6% More

Of Seller’s Agents Say Staging Increases The Dollar Value Of A Home

Of Buyers Find It Easier To Visualize A Property As Their Future Home When Staged

Of Buyer’s Agents Say Staging Affects The Way Buyers View A Property

Affordable Solutions At Next Level Staged!

At Next Level Staged, we have an affordable solution to this problem.


By using what you already own, we are able to transform your space into something that is uniquely original to YOU.


Your belongings bring insight into who you are, and how you got to this point in your life.


We’re able to use your existing belongings, in a new way, to update the look and feel of your home while staying true to you.


Our Next Level Room Re-Design Staging services begin at only $500.

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