Next Level Occupied Staging

If your house is for sale, it’s important to realize that how your home operates on a daily basis is a totally different from how professionals sell a house quickly and for the maximum price.


For starters, prospective buyers have an easier time seeing themselves living in your home if it has already been decluttered and depersonalized.


At the same time every home needs that WOW factor to really capture the heart of a buyer.


Buying a home is a very emotional experience and buyers need to make an emotional connection with a home to decide to make an offer.


The longer a buyer remains in the home, the more likely they are to make an offer!

“Your HOME is not for sale, your HOUSE is!”

Why Spend Money Staging Your Home?

Of Staged Homes Sell Faster Than Vacant Homes And On Average For 6% More

Of Seller’s Agents Say Staging Increases The Dollar Value Of A Home

Of Buyers Find It Easier To Visualize A Property As Their Future Home When Staged

Of Buyer’s Agents Say Staging Affects The Way Buyers View A Property

Why Choose Us?

As ASP® Stagers, we are highly trained to bring balance to this dilemma.


Knowing how much to take out of the house; what to bring into it and how to capture imagination are skillsets we’ve mastered over many years in the industry.


The team at Next Level Staged offers a complimentary assessment and consultation for all occupied listing clients, as well as an affordable option for the DIY client.


Our Next Level Occupied Staged Home Packages start as low as $750 while DIY packages begin at just $150. 


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